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I love this!

Not Just a Girl. Photographer celebrates her daughter turning 5 by posing her like 5 famous and influential women (Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Helen Keller, Susan B Anthony, Jane Goodall). Would make an amazing art project - who's your role model?

Coco Chanel | 17 Awesome Feminist Costume Ideas For Little Grrrrrls

Mother shuns Disney Princess ideal & dresses daughter up as 5 REAL heroines from history to commemorate her birthday. SUCH a great idea!

Not just a girl…..great story.  Mom takes pictures of daughter dressed as amazing women in history as she teachers her daughter about the characteristics that brought them to greatness.

Jaime More Photography: Mind-blowing photos of her 5 yo daughter as women through history (none of them princesses). Love this - need to do the Amelia pose with Molly!


9 photos for 9 years. My daughter dressed up as her favorite heroines for her birthday.

Фотограф Джемми Мур Фотографии к пятому дню рождения своей дочери

‘Not Just a Girl’ — Mom Photographs Daughter as History’s Most Iconic Women. Photographer Jamie Moore wanted to commemorate her daughter’s fifth birthday with some special photographs.

USA: Clara Barton; Founder of the American Red Cross. Women we admire; influential women in history #Lottie dolls #herstory

Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross and one of the most influential women in history. :D And you've probably never heard of her, sadly.

I've never thought much about Ashley Judd beyond the blandest adjectives—she's pretty, she seems nice, her pores look really small—but it turns out she's also a smart, bold, kickass feminist. In an essay for the Daily Beast today, following weeks of tasteless speculation about the puffiness of her face, Judd smacks down her detractors and frames the entire kerfuffle (along with our celebrity-shredding culture at large) as "a misogynistic assault on all women." Which it is. My love ...

Ashley Judd Writes a Kickass Feminist Essay About Her Puffy Face

Ashley Judd kicks ass about women-as-objects-of-judgement -- (This is so fierce for me right now partially because I'm puffy these days on account of prednisone.) - Ashley Judd Writes a Kickass Feminist Essay About Her Puffy Face

LOVE this idea.  Real women for her daughter to dress up on her 5th birthday.  Instead of Disney princesses, inspiring your daughter to dress up as REAL women who changed the world.  So inspiring!

“Be of good cheer. Do not think of today’s failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, bu.

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I recently had a wonderful session with a precious precious baby girl! Momma and baby{I}were both just so fun to be around and we had a lot.

I need to learn more languages!

Foreign terms that do not exist in the English language. Love the French one (I often feel this) and the Filipino one - every time I see my friends beautiful baby girl I get that feeling

Mum& girl, cute!

Mommy daughter time so precious and ever so important! Just the girls what a great idea for pampering!

100 toddler pictures---these are FANTASTIC ideas. Pin now, read later.

100 toddler pictures---these are FANTASTIC ideas. Pin now, read later. can i also just saw this little girl is the cutest child ever?

DIY Halloween Costumes inspired by nature

DIY Halloween Costumes Inspired by Nature

From a Butterfly Garden to the Loch Ness Monster, photographer Alana Beall has created DIY Halloween costumes inspired by nature.