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A recommended site for viewing bighorn sheep is the Koo-Koo-Sint bighorn sheep viewing site in the Lolo National Forest, Montana, USA.

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Hippo having a snack. ponderation: "Wild Wildlife" by Raissa Scholz Portela

I love you mum

African Lion Mother and Cub, Tanzania Photograph by Mitsuaki Iwago, Minden Pictures. The light off her ears and the grass. Plus I have a thing for big cats.

Avoiding bear attacks... Better to be safe and good to know info..I would've ran...and died!

How to survive a bear attack

Once, they were widely present in California. Native creatures of the land. The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis), also known as the silvertip bear, the grizzly, or the North American brown bear.

Urso de Kermode - Nem urso polar, nem albino, esta é uma subespécie do urso negro e também conhecido com "urso espírito", natural do Canadá. Lindo!

Kermode Bear (the rare Spirit Bear) ~ In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia ~ towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur

Da Bears

funnywildlife: Here is a poster of the 8 bear species. Note: a Koala is NOT a bear. Panda Bear Sun Bear Sloth Bear, Andean Bear (Spectacled Bear), American Black Bear, Brown Bear pics show subspecies) Polar Bear, Asiatic Black Bear (Moon Bear).

Brown bear looking for clams, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bear looking for clams, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Bears like this one mainly eat fish

the look on the other bear's face is priceless.

Katmai, Alaska ~ grizzly bears catching salmon at a waterfall, during the autumn salmon run