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Color & texture through art.

Jeanne Opgenhaffen via of paper and things I love these ceramic tile murals by Belgian artist Jeanne Opgenhaffen, they are inspiri.


jeanne opgenhaffen - white porcelain, wall art piece mounted on perspex

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;  I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.  huh huh huh huh.

Epigenetic Landscape by Richard Sweeney - folded watercolour paper Motion Forms is a body of curved, pleated sculptures, which were hand-folded in watercolour paper through the method of wet folding

Ginkgo biloba by Horticultural Art... a collection of framed leaf art would be lovely for autumn

Ginkgo biloba by Horticultural Art. a collection of framed leaf art would be lovely for autumn This really inspires me for my designs. Call on nature texture! Love the color, the way the leaves lay on top of each other as like fish scales

Green paint

An Old Crackled Green Painted Wood Surface. I love the texture of this old wood - and the green color, too

The lush and the wild is not there. It is in the spirit world, that world between worlds, Rio Abajo Rio, that river beneath the river.

Random Inspiration 132

Green Grün Verde Grøn Groen 緑 Emerald Colour Texture Style Form Pattern

INDIA: Traditional Indian design block cut stamping.  This Indian artistry is copied in Home  design, fabric and interiors the world over.

Elaborate detailed Indian textile / drawing: Love the pattern, the color could be a darker blue.

4c941ba06132ad405192d47e5ccccd90.jpg (400×600)

Lesley Richmond Leaf Cloth Series (detail) fabulous textile art tapestry feeling of the leaves floating on a lake of an impressionist,monet painting

Swirling Wood Wind - I hear you knocking

Wood Constellation by Brett Sheenjek: Beauty that comes from years of cold, wind and harsh living. This is wood, but it's great inspiration for clayworks