Sternum tattoo

I definitely love that it's two separate sternum tattoos, I haven't even thought of something like that.

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With the first 50 or 60 years right after tattooing became common and also popular in modern-day culture, few girls got tattoos. See Als.

those flowers tho...

American kestrel with wild roses by Kirsten Holliday @ Wonderland Tattoo - Portland, OR -- i love shoulder tattoos and this one is so pretty sigh

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"Wanna get a tattoo, but only want you to give me that tattoo." ♡ J… Fanfiction


When it comes to tattoos, flower power is always a popular choice. It’s easy to see why as there are just SO many stunning options to choose from. Minimal poppy illustration, simple peony’s and vintage full sleeves. Flower tatts never fail to look just s