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Tears stream down my face..

Tears stream down my face..

Then starts searching where to rent a boat and how to survive two weeks at sea with only a stash of oreos

Yes so true! Like, theres imprortant stuff i have to remember but .... can..... only  remember kpops.....Oops? Xo

I've only got room to memorize what's important

love this meme XD GOT7 <3 <3

Bam Bam's Mom is my soul sister ♥ But how awesome are the parents! Bahaha love i

Just EXO things~

Just EXO things~

Just EXO things hahahahaha~ XD Allkpop Meme Center

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that they have an egg shelf or the fact he Jin, THE CHEF, thought that it was possible for eggs to grow fur

Officially Seokjin is my new favourite thing ever. Protect him at all cost