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Fiddlehead fern! Love!

This amazing plant picture is called a Fern Fiddlehead. Part of the development process of Ferns! Little bit of nature love for valentines day.

drosophyllum lusitanicum

natureisthegreatestartist: “What’s this? It’s a carnivorous plant called drosophyllum lusitanicum. And those sparkling droplets are actually sweet, sticky secretions that trap insects.

Growing Leaves, Kuraburi Thailand by Troup Dresser

In New Zealand, the unfurling fern frond is a symbol for spiritual growth. Such a life changing experience for me - traveling to New Zealand on my own. I want this symbol as a tattoo.


Homosexuality: a case of Epigenetics?

Texture and Pattern: Close up of a Fern Frond.which will open into a Fern leaf, or in this case many leaves.

fern heart...❤

I Heart Ferns, especially the kind that look like they come from Jurassic Park.