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Just because I want to piss off my higher-ups lol

It would be perfect for me to wear in summer time. Emo outfit ~ this one is p rad

CHANGING FC) "hi... I'm Ellie. I'm no one special  really just another petty criminal I'm the streets of Gotham.... well petty until I started killing people. Haha see I'm a bit, crazy hehe I have a different side that loves the sight of someone's life leave their eyes" I giggle wickedly "I'm usually pretty nice I'll only hurt you if I have to don't worry" I shrug and smile "OH! I'm 17 and have no significant other. No one can handle my crazy"

Blazer- Romwe, Tee- Angry Blossom, Pants- Similar, Creepers – TUK, Socks- Ozone Socks (by Lua P)