Gifts to Make for Boys

Gifts to Make for Boys

What a great idea :) Sensory play with rice and a pegboard with funnels and tubes. Super fun - and could use this in the summer with water!

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Water Balloon Games for Kids I want to try a water balloon competition-incentive to clean up the balloons in form of bag of candy for most collected-inspires teamwork too

cleaning dolls and doll clothes.  Nice small motor skills as the children clip the clothes up to dry.

Washing babies (and baby clothes!) in the water table. This actually fits well under "dramatic play" too. What a great idea to incorporate clothes washing too. Apparently it attracted both girls and boys. Awwe fun idea for the children 736x 72 53 95 725395fff977d7afa529a3a107dfda60.jpg

A simple DIY play frame that will add fun to sand and water play. may need to add some triangles in the corners to ensure it's stays square.