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White haired anime boys ~ ok they are literally THE BEST!!! I'm so glad they finally included Killua! I don't think I've ever seem him out in these. He is the best ok?? I love him so much!

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White-haired anime ikemen or bishounen or DUDES are just simply fucking hot. (Friends say that i really like white-haired dudes. Which i deny.

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first anime is kaichou wa maid-sama. Second is kamisama hajimemashita. Third Wolf girl and the black prince.

Una vez le dije Kamisama y el me respondio "majo mushi, y yo le conteste Manyunesa....

Nanami and Tomoe _Kiss_kamisama hajimemashita fanart - inspired by chapter 100

perfect boys exist in manga and anime Manga: Hirunaka no ryuusei, strobe edge, kamisama hajimemashita, ao haru ride, sukitte Ii na yo, and the other manga which is not. Anime: Ao haru ride, tonari no kaibutsu-kun, akatsuki no yona, kuroshitsuji, vampire knnight, kaichou wa maid-sama

<< dude, perfect boys exist in books and movies as well. To put it in simple terms, as long as you're fictional, you're perfect.

Ah me acuerdo cuando dije eso mismo hace unos meses XD


Read Los Sakamakis estan en Camino~ from the story Diabolik Lovers, Photos !

Aun así, jamás reconocerán sus fallos, porque a Jean le encanta ver a Sagitario de mal humor


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Nanami x tomoe season 2 - *----------------------------* I'm gonna cry from the happiness exploding out of me from this entire season!!! They better make a season 3!!!!

Nanami x tomoe season 2 - *----------------------------* I'm gonna cry from the happiness exploding out of me from this entire season! They better make a season