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arm guards armor black eyes bluesy claw (weapon) covered mouth cross-laced footwear dutch angle genji (overwatch) glowing glowing sword glowing weapon green hair helmet highres holding holding sword holding weapon katana knee up light particles lookin

I wonder if Genji was an annoying little brother…

I wonder if Genji was an annoying little brother…<<<<< Aren't all little brothers annoying

genji Hanzo | Tumblr

The Shimada Beauty^Tm -- Overwatch by Blizzard Art by me Dem Boiz

    (@SakuraTAKO47) | Twitter

These are more like the Japanese Oni, but the image (horns and masks) is a bit of an inspiration for the Korean Dokkaebi from my series nonetheless (

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しかし確かに、やっこいを見たのだと on

“My brother and his best friend think they are being so sneaky.