The Rufous-Crested Coquette Hummingbird (Lophornis delattrei) are rare, yet widely distributed in the eastern lowland areas of the southern Central American countries of Costa Rica and Panama & SA; and absent from northwestern Amazonia. All Coquettes are small with a white band on the rump.

The Rufous-Crested Coquette Hummingbird (Lophornis delattrei) are rare, yet…


A hummingbird descends on some cream and pink hollyhocks by Tom Kelly Photo.

Spring Hummers an acrylic painting by wildlife artist Danny O'Driscoll

Hummingbird and Purple Iris--- 2 of the most beautiful things in the world. Purple Iris' are the Tennessee State Flower.

Frilled coquette (Lophornis magnificus) hummingbird. Found only in Brazil.

The Frilled Coquette (Lophornis magnificus) is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. It is found only in Brazil. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest.

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) is a small hummingbird, about 8 cm long inches) with a long, straight and very slender bill. Their breeding habitat is open areas and forest edges in western North America from southern Alaska to California.

wonder if he has that on both sides of his neck

Tufted Coquette ( Lophornis ornatus ) is a tiny hummingbird that breeds in eastern Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana, and northern Brazil. It is an uncommon, but widespread species. (by Glenn Bartley)

Rufous-crested Coquette

A Rufous-crested Coquette: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru

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Pretty mama hummingbird and babies ~~ Hummingbird nests are very hard to spot because they are so small and so well camouflaged. Both animals and people can easily look right at a hummingbird nest and think it is just a small knot on a tree limb.