TATTOOS  I've replied to hundreds of emails over the past couple of months regarding tattoos of my art and figured this post would help cut down on some future ones.  If you want to get an existing piece of mine, go for it! Just please give proper art credit and if you don't mind sending me a photo of the end result, that's always super cool too see.  I'm currently not taking on anymore custom designs the rest of this year.  Thanks!  #bear #art #illustration

Little Hybrid Illustrations by Sam Larson American artist Sam Larson create tiny black and white illustrations with felt-tip pen, mixing wild landscapes and animals, shapes and food into detailed hybrid compositions.

Above Art | Alfred Basha

These wonderful black pen illustrations has been made by Alfred Basha who draw these sketches with black ink pen.

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A Single Rose Tattoo Can Have So Much Versatility It is amazing that a single rose tattoo can have so much versatility. Rose tattoos can be any size and they can be placed basically anywhere on the.