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Shinola shoe polish May 6 1966 Life - GoGo Boots and fishnets, and dancing the "PONY"

1960s boot fashions.

Legs by Richard Avedon, Vogue, February 1967 will color boots orange pink purple green tights late vintage fashion

Panty hose for hot pants

My mom made me velvet hot pants in high school. Wore with beige pantyhose and boots. Hot Pants ~ All Sheer Beige Pantyhose ~ Mint in Package

Breck Paper Go Go Dresses, 1967. $1.00 & Breck Box Top.

Breck Paper Dresses, Late vintage fashion style iconic item mod mini skirt graphic print blue green pink orange twiggy look shift tent summer

eko bintang, fashion illustration, 1960s

so. good.

Mondrian dress- Inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondrain, Yves St Laurent's Mondrain dress, was a revival of Art Deco and Art Nouveau' s geometric lines.

Colleen Corby. Sear's catalog S/S 1967

Model Colleen Corby in "poorboy" top in 1967 Spring/Summer Sears magazine.