Shopping Bag by Ryszard Rychlicki via dezeen: Made of folded recycled paper. #Paper #ShoppingBag #Ryszard_Rychlicki

Lanana by Ryszard Rychlicki

Polish Design Season: Polish design student Ryszard Rychlicki has designed a shopping bag made of folded recycled paper.

Paper Water Bottles

Paper Water Bottles

Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Weird & Wonderful Retro Packaging Designs From The Future!

today for your inspiration I have collected some great examples of milk packaging design. I think they are good for inspiration, limitation in milk packaging is using cartoon box, can, plastics or bottle..

Milk Carton - "These three different milk cartons distinguish between the rates of fat in the milk by using form rather then colour." - by Raw-Edges Design studio, Royal College of Art, 2004

Clever cheese packaging

Goat cheese packaging designed by Tank, Norway. - Thats such a simple but effective idea !

A pillow case becomes a  shopping bag.  Washable, too.

Easy shopping bag from a pillowcase. Yet another reason for me to grab funky pillowcases from the thrift store!