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The Sandwichbike is the bicycle for people who love putting things together. It will be shipped to you in a flat pack box, ready for assembly.

The Fliz is a bike designed in such a way that the rider hangs from the frame and scoots along with their feet.

The Fliz Bike has no pedals, no gears and no bicycle seat. All that is left are a pair of wheels and a bike frame.this is so weird!

Pushpin coat hangers

Pushpins Hooks: These pushpin wall hooks are a bigger version of your ordinary pushpins; works exactly like the smaller version except that these can be put into walls to hold much more heavier items, like an umbrella or your coat.

17-schnäuziges Steckdosenschwein aus dem Art Lebedev Studio - Engadget Deutschland

17-schnäuziges Steckdosenschwein aus dem Art Lebedev Studio

To know more about Art Lebedev Studio The Piggy Trip, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 45 other Art Lebedev Studio items too!

Be patient, I’ll be right with you…

Be patient, I’ll be right with you…

Random pic of the day is the maze chain lock. How awesome is this? Makes one rethink even opening the door. Haha LOL ~Me

Pixar Logo by Alyxandra VeseyAttribution: http://blog.commarts.wisc.edu/2012/07/10/changing-our-fate/pixar-logo/

Did Pixar drop the ball with Brave?

Mexico-based created this sweet collection of free wallpapers that feature Pixar's delightful cast of characters. Starting from Pixar's breakout

using fabrics for the no sew pillow case tutorial i just posted...

Fabric wall in office? Fabrics by Caitlin Wilson Design featured in Matchbook Magazine July 2012

Free how-to, DIY and recipes from the pioneer and settler handbooks of the 1800's. Pioneer Handbooks is a free library of digitized and downloadable chapters of how-to instructions covering colonial building, farming, gardening, livestock, recipes, medicine, hunting and prospecting from rare and historic pioneer and settler handbooks.

free Pioneer Handbooks ebooks, Free how to, DIY, and recipes from the pioneer…

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.  The first picture is taken in the Broadlands the day after their wedding, the second is taken in the same location 60 years later

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh have been married for 63 years. Love this picture for her highness Queen Elizabeth II.