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la bottega di amrita -----> catalogo e ispirazioni

la bottega di amrita -----> catalogo e ispirazioni

This picture reminded me of stories my mom used to tell me about her dad. Her father was a chain smoker so they would take his cigarettes and write messages so he would quit smoking, they would include little paper hearts in the box. He eventually quit.


Money saving reminder: I'm going to have to remember this image when I want to buy my "occasional social smoker pack". I bet if the cigs were wrapped in money no one would smoke.

I could be tempted to take up smoking!

Hamburguesas de brownie y tocadiscos de limón

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pink smokes < I keep posting cigs but I don't smoke unless I'm drinking fo realz yo But I will never deny howuch I enjoy them but sometime we have to let things go haha serious though I don't smoke

take one for each moment

the best is the one after a dessert, it's like a second dessert


Someone told me once that shooting stars are really just angels throwing away their cigarettes before God could catch them smoking. - I love this because my grandmother smoked, so shooting stars are just her throwing away her cigarettes!

Фотоколлажи Stephen McMennamy

Atlanta-based photographer/art director Stephen McMennamy likes to combine images, turning them into what he calls combophotos.