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This little baby Bulldog pup loves to play rough house with her mom. And her mom doesn't mind a bit!

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English Bulldog puppy ❤ So many wrinkles! Like check out those rolls!

Puppies and babies sitting on a tree.

Adorable old baby boy and french bull dog puppies Limited Edition French Bulldog Tee Dogs

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Tips For Having A Healthy And Happy Dog. Are you a current or former pet owner, or are you considering becoming one? If this is the case you are aware of how great it is to own a dog.

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce


10 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart

My English bulldog would be named Myrtle; if a boy, Winston Churchill. English Bulldog Pups to Make You Smile by Barbara O'Brien, via Behance

Please, people. Help stop animal abuse.

Please, people. Help stop animal abuse. Help these poor animals. If you want to stop animal abuse then pin this.