By raking up the wet sand at low tide, he is able to make contrasting sand colors.

Warped Fields, Ocean Beach, CA - San Francisco native Andres Amador is an artist that specializes in temporary land art on sandy beaches.

Draw in the sand -

Andreas Amador etches drawings into sand using a rake. The artwork only last until the tide comes in.

Amazing beach art. Some great pictures here. By Andres Amador #beachart #sandart

San Francisco native Andres Amador uses a simple rake to create artworks that can span over sq. ft sq m). A sandy beach at low tide.

#art #sand art #Mussels II,  Andres Amador's Latest Large Scale Sand Art Installation in San Francisco

Mussels II, Andres Amador's Latest Large Scale Sand Art Installation in San Francisco

laughingsquid: Mussels II, Andres Amador’s Latest Large Scale Sand Art Installation in San Francisco

MISTER COMPLETELY: Move Over, Andy Goldsworthy

French artist Sylvain Meyer has made these really cool land art installations. Using bark, leaves, and stones, Meyer creates these fantastic sculptures and textures by modifying the natural landscape.

Land Art - Découvrez dans la suite de l'article l'une des meilleures selections de Land-Art du moment...

Sélection de Land Art

Andy Goldsworthy andy has used the water to reflect the reflection of the sticks in the water. he has put them in a specific order to make the sticks look like a fish

Sand Circles, California, Jim Denevan

Amazing sand drawings on Californian beaches, by American sand artist Jim Denevan.

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The City Exposed: Earthscapes

The City Exposed: Earthscapes on Vimeo. Earthscape Ephemeral Sand Paintings by Andres Amador.

Artist Tony Plant Creates Gorgeous Time-Based Sand Artwork

Environmental Artist Tony Plant Transforms the Beaches of England into Swirling Canvases sand land art England in Places

Incredible Sand Drawings by Andres Amador

San Francisco-area based landscape artist, Andres Amador, creates amazing large-scale sand paintings on beaches using only a rake. He and his pupils only have 2 hours to make their art before the tide returns and washes it all away.

Land Art, un jeu d'enfants

Artist Uses Rake to Create Incredible Works of Art on the Beach