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❤ Remember whether you eat with kings or peasants in the end it always comes out the same. As shit. No human is better than the next. Always to remember to respect what someone else offers you, they dont have to give you anything.

We must make ourselves happy before we can make anyone else happy ♡ take the bull by the horns, make the changes necessary to make your life the happiest it can be!

False: When things change, I will be happy. True: When I am happy, things will change

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In my weaker days, I allowed people to walk all over me, I realized how strong I was and it never happened again

I never wanted to give up on someone i love.... ....I just wish I never had someone to give up on me...

I moved out but still didn't give up. He said he was moving out multiple times and gave up on us 2 months after marriage? I had to leave because of the escalation of erratic behavior and threats of violence.