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A quirky new way to hide your regrowth! We are loving these galaxy inspired pink glitter buns - the perfect hair style!

↠Pinterest: deliriumrequiem ↞ festival makeup, festival hairstyles. Love this cute look for next festival!

I always lament that I can't do the really big double buns because my hair is too thin but maybe this would work?

1 pound of only the pink Starbursts...because it's everyone's favorite flavor.  DiAiSM ATELIERDIA TJANTEK ART SPACE atElIEr dIA  ACQUiRe UNDERSTANDING

Only Starburst Strawberry. Just the freshest, softest and only the strawberry Starburst flavor you love.

Anette Schive | Beauty

eyes: bronze in crease, champagne/gold on lid face: white dots along top of brow and lined down middle of nose By Anette Schive