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Main character: the main character is named summer. She was kidnapped by a man named Collin. When summer was trapped in Collins cellar with 3 other women her name was changed to Lily because it was a name of a flower.

This is beautiful long brow hair! And this girl has a perfect sence of style and hair!


This is my sis Ellie. She loves music, fashion, shopping, sports, and puppies!

Acacia) I'm in love... I'm definitely in love... He's so handsome and wonderful.. But I don't know if he likes me back.. Ohh what am I gonna do... Someone help I need advice... I need to tell him how I feel... But how?

[open] Brinley] I smile as I skip around the party. The football team grabs me and pulls me back. I gasp and whimper, trying to get away. They laugh and push me back and forth.