Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi in happier times. These guys are brothers! What happened? Fix it, please! I just miss this...

Richie & Jon Helton Jovi ✞♫♪ ❤♥ ♪♫♪ ✞♫♪ ❤♥ ♪♫♪ ❤♥ Whatever went down between them sucks! Bon Jovi isn't Bon Jovi without Richie and Jon. Now it's just Jon Bon Jovi on tour. Jon, think you have enough money babe. Lighten your grip, you'll be a happier man.

Rock n roll

Pure Jersey Attitude Jon i-love-jon-bon-jovi-the-hottest-man-alive

The Aging of a Rock Star~  Cool 'Then & Now' Photos  (Some look better now!)

The Aging Of A Rock Star

Lets see how the famous rock stars have changed throughout the years. Other Then and Now posts: Supermodels Then And Now pics) Celebrities Then and Now pics) Celebrities.

Blood on blood- always will be brothers- BJB

Blood on blood- always will be brothers- BJB