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If I had to meet one celebrity. This is who it would be.. I've loved the BeeGees and Barry Gibb  forever!  He is Beautiful.

I've loved the BeeGees and Barry Gibb forever!miss his little bro, Andy though

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Songwriter/singer/producer and of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb turns 69 today - he was born in

Emphasis on Barry Gibb's necklace.

Barry Gibb - I screamed every time I saw him on TV. Only half kidding. My dad…

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Barry Gibb, lead singer of the Bee Gees. The one man my Mom loved as much as my Dad!

The Bee Gees....the brothers Gibb    They made GREAT music starting from the late 50s.  Click on their pic to view/listen to their song, 'Tragedy' recorded in 1979. I love Barry Gibb's falsetto on this track.

Love, love, love all the Bee Gees songs.what a great era for dance tunes!

Barry Gibb...WOW!

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