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I`m a master by Angua33

watercolors , watercolor pencils and white pen on aquarel dawing karton Thane Krios - Mass Effect ( Bioware / EA ) This work is licensed under a Crea.

Mass Effect, Universe

thane krios by llegolas on DeviantArt

been meaning to draw thane properly since forever. struggling to get inspiration for my university summer project at the moment so took a little time of.

Mass Effect Normandy Silk Poster

Mass Effect is a Game and a universe that is endless. From the game Mass Effect and 3 your a from the human race found your way to the citadel the Capital of all the alien races are together wher

Mass effect <3 - this is why I love you Garrus.

Garrus - "Soulmate" I feel as if I missed an entire game by not playing as FemShep

Hey Valentine by: Lordess-Alicia on deviantART

Mass Effect Valentines: Jack, Joker and Mordin fuckin got me and omfg little legion bby. The cutest ones are Joker and Shep.

Mass Effect - MaleShep & Grunt is back by Paty-wolf.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Grunt is my son. Let me love you, you were only let out of the tank two years ago baby boy.