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Foto genomen door Man Ray "Les Larmes 1932". #Manray

Larmes-Man Ray, that is very cool ;

by man Ray

Man Ray | 200578192813_Man Ray

Man Ray Larmes 1930 Heres looking at you.

Man Ray, Kiki de Montparnasse.

Man Ray Kiki de Montparnasse, Paris Undated “…all I need is an onion, a bit of bread, and of bottle of red wine, and I will always find somebody to offer me that.

Lee Miller by Man Ray, 1930

Man Ray, Lee Miller, 1930 , originally uploaded by Gatochy . Click image for 1044 x 1417 size.

Siempre recordaré al ver esta imagen a "La mujer que olía a ganas de vivir", es Woman with Long Hair del super fotógrafo de todos los tiempos, para mí, Man Ray.

Man Ray - Woman With Long Hair 1929 Dada Photograph small

Man Ray, Noir et blanche, 1926

man ray - negra y blanca, 1926

For Harper’s Bazaar  ca. 1937 By Man Ray

Man Ray, "Red Badge of Courage" hand colored photograph Harper's Bazaar,

Curvature. Love the double entendre of this photo (Man Ray) 
Actually this is poking at an Ingres painting implying that Ingres "plays women". Lol love man ray

He was a painter and fashion photogra pher, writer and innovator, a maker of films and “objects.” In fact, Man Ray was a regular Renaissance man of the French avant-garde.

pinterest | jillibeandream

pinterest | jillibeandream

Man Ray - Marquise Cassati, 1922

From ARS/Art Resource, Man Ray, Marquise Casati Silver positive on glass plate

Jacques Rigaut, 1922, by Man Ray

Jacques Rigaut, 1922 by Man Ray. [Rigaut was a french writer, he acted in the Man Ray’s movie Emak Bakia with Kiki and Rose Wheeler]

Kitty, by Man Ray.  Art Experience NYC  www.artexperiencenyc.com/social_login/?utm_source=pinterest_medium=pins_content=pinterest_pins_campaign=pinterest_initial

Man Ray Kitty Jumps

Two negatives used to create this photo, which was featured in the recent Metropolitan Museum of Art show on manipulating photographs in the decades before Photoshop.

Man Ray - Ingre’s Violin

Man Ray - Ingre’s Violin

Man Ray in front of Kiki de Montparnasse’s portrait

Man Ray in front of Kiki de Montparnasse’s portrait

Man Ray in front of Kiki de Montparnasse’s portrait. Photo by Michel Sima. Posing for a hosts of noted artists, Kiki helped define the liberated culture of Paris in the

En pleine occultation de Venus, Man Ray, 1930

Classical Composition, 1931 by Man Ray