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Tragedy strikes Gandalf's horse Shadowfax

Tragedy strikes Gandalf's horse Shadowfax

Lord of the Rings horse Shadowfax (Blanco) dies. Lovely and clever horse - RIP.


Pippin is my favorite hobbit XD whenever I'm really hungry, instead of saying something like "I could eat a horse" or something like that, I'm gonna say "I could eat four whole pieces of lembas bread"

RIP Shadowfax, leader of the Mearas - may you run in the evergreen fields of Valinor for all eternity.

I love the scene in LOTR when Gandalf calls for Shadowfax!

blanco Shadowfax horse | shadowfax1.jpg

We’ve just heard the sad news that Blanco, the beautiful horse that played Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings films, has died.

Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawings by Franco Clun – Enpundit

“Practice makes perfect” seems to be the case for Italian artist Franco Clun. Although he was never formally trained, Franco produces life-like pencil draw

Half of the things I've heard about Viggo Mortensen from the set of LOTR gives him 300 Respect-o-points!

Part two, for all you Tolkien fans!

Behind-the-scene facts you may or may not have known about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And THAT was the most expensive coffee spree in the history of the world!

frodo photos | read a wonderful tweet the other day…”Frodo meeting Gandalf is ...

Characters Frodo Baggins and Gandalf (Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen)

Ian McKellen in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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LORD OF THE RINGS Facts that Every Fan Should Know9

Long List of LORD OF THE RINGS Facts that Every Fan Should Know

Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts. Mostly the orcs were called goblins only in The Hobbit, before Tolkien changed the name of the race to "orcs" for LOTR.

cute. lord of the rings small furry animals version

I must find pictures of cats and make it look like lord of the rings i shall call it . lord of the cats

A promise. "Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee." And I don't mean to. I don't mean to.

"I made a promise, Mr Frodo, a promise. 'Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee'." This is why Samwise is one of my favorite characters: his loyalty to Frodo