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Truth…along with this is do not allow people to hear your story or question where you are to just "know" whats going on….I have learned with so many people when they asked how I am doing….I never give details of where I am on the journey. They only ask for their own benefit…I am learning who can be trusted. If they are not helping in the solution then don't give them your story…Stand firm.

Trust there is a reason. It has come at a perfect time. God says there is a reason some people leave your life!

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The New Victorian Ruralist: Be you...

do not chase people. be you and do your own thing and work hard. the right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay. I need to remember this.

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Someone once told me to always live for the little things in life. Live for sunrises and sunsets where you'll see colors in the sky that don't usually belong. Live for road trips and bike rides with music in your ears and the wind in your hair.

Quote about being wary of people who seek prey through relationships - by John Mark Green

In your search for love, be careful. The sad truth is that predators can be great pretenders, and they are out there looking for their next victim. Look deeper than the words they say to you.

Be your love

Many of us have difficult stories. So many of us have difficult pasts, challenging childhoods, and a unfathomable amount of heart break. The amount of love we can give is quite literally endless. And we who have had those difficult lives know how importan

Hunger games inspired art print.

33 Designer-Worthy DIYs For a Polished Home

I like how the arrow has a part in every line of this design. The ends of the arrow work well for the Y and V, while the rest works well for the other letters it touches. Also, its an arrow, so of course it works for the Hunger Games series.

If we remembered everyday that we could lose someone at any moment, we would love them more fiercely and freely, and without fear.

Sometimes it takes life events to realize how blessed we are. Remember to love fiercely everyday you never know what day may be your last.