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Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant 15 Perfectly Timed Dog Photos A camera trick creates the illusion of giant canines


A beautiful Basenji. The Basenji, sometimes called the "barkless" dog, originated in Africa and was known in ancient Egypt. Dogs of this breed are gentle and make loyal companions. Sloopy, Carson Finney's dog in new book

Well, Just take a Look at that Hair!!

how did they manage to photograph this ghost.this is 'cousin its' dog, right?


9 Images That Perfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be 'Type B'

Buck Tooth Kitty Birthday Card -Funny, Cat, Good Luck, Get Well Soon, Thank You

Baby’s first introduction to Coke.

Baby’s first introduction to Coke.

For animated GIFs — Baby’s reaction to her first sip of soda.

Meme Maker - Did you just say Percabeth?? Hello New Best Friend

Funny pictures about Husky look of disapproval. Oh, and cool pics about Husky look of disapproval. Also, Husky look of disapproval photos.

"I'm pretty sure that my kitten is the devil..

I don’t know where this cat is, but the fine feline’s face has been shared all over. Its distinctive Basement Cat look is accentuated by its ear hair that resembles devil horns. Wouldn’t you just love to have a cat that looks like this?