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Where do you want to go for dinner? Pam, Will you. wait for me one second while i tie my shoe? I hate you!

The office

Funny pictures about One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim. Oh, and cool pics about One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim. Also, One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim photos.

They Got You There, Dwight

They Got You There, Dwight

Dwight, get the door. -- this is my all time favourite office moment! The best knock knock joke ever!

Michael and Dwight. Always one step ahead.

Is it bad that I now think this every time people talk to me about the "forever love" of parenting?

The most amazing part of the series finale of The Office. may have shed a tear when michael scott came back!

The Office- Jim and Dwight swap

59 Reasons we're going to miss The Office! Is it beets, bears & battle star galactic?

It was Pam, in the break room, with the Jello stapler!

With Michael Scott gone with love Holly, who will be the world's best boss on The Office? Can Dwight bounce back from his little office shooting mishap and get the job of his dreams? Will Jim, Pam, Angela, Kevin and the rest of. I WANT THIS OMG

I gave you that power because I loved you and trusted you completely. I have never been closer to anyone else and after everything we had been through, I never could imagine you could be so cold and heartless towards me.

I don't hate you. I hate the fact that I gave you the power to hurt me, and that's exactly what you Framed Quote

Yeah my dreams are random and crazy too usually. One time I was married to Ringfinger Leonhard. Pontiff Sullyvahn was my dad

Those dreams hold psychological meaning though. You get more from the ones that don't make "rational" sense then you do from something "normal"