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"But it's butter, Master Yoda!" "Wrong you are, young Skywalker. I can't believe it's not butter!" "Believe you must, for butter it's not.

Amazing! Wish I had this when I was in school lol

I really need this in my life…

KIT KAT Pillow book, by JWT Brazil - the Pillow Book wants to let students catch a few winks. The inflatable notebook works as both a pad of paper and as a soft cloud of comfort.

When you have to listen to an irritating conversation...shut the...blinds...


Funny pictures about Just shut the blinds. Oh, and cool pics about Just shut the blinds. Also, Just shut the blinds.



This is suppose to be a "the world doesnt make sense" thing. but i thought gingers were called ginger because of ginger bread. and that strawberry blonde was pinkish blonde? ive never called a blonde a strawberry.

18 Mindblowing Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Say "Oh Shit, Yeah"

"I just realised the voice in my head when I read things isn't my own voice omg whose is it.

LEGO Pirates

Funny pictures about LEGO Pirates. Oh, and cool pics about LEGO Pirates. Also, LEGO Pirates.

I'm An American And I Found This In London...#funny #lol #lolzonline

A grocery store in London displaying "American Food". This is so sad. Look how horribly processed & full if sugar our food is :(

Took me way too long to notice

Took me way too long to notice

I thought it said "I spent 5 minutes staring at this. Then I realized it WASNT a Hula hoop" so I spent 5 minutes staring at it trying to figure out what else it could be.