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Happy Birthday Harry Styles! 20 of Our Favorite Harry GIFs

Now look at that gif and tell me you did not have to smile at His Cupcakeness. :) 39 Totally Legit Struggles Of Being A One Direction Fangirl *click the pic* These are so true

This is intimidating in a good way:)

The oh-so-famous Harry Styles Smolder. My legs just turned into bags of Jello. GOING DOWN, GUYS HELP.well those eyes had me like pinned against the wall not even jocking

love harry so much <3

Band-Aids *Harry Styles Love Story* - Chapter One-Meeting the Boys


at first i thought it was gonna be a cute gif but then its harry.

Harry Styles

I went to see the documentary, which is really good, with my BFFs and My best friend who I sat with, well lets say we had a really fun time talking about how that documentary changed our opinions on I'm going to marry this boy.

Harry Styles

Harry styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, One Direction

excuse me while I have a heart attack

excuse me while I have a heart attack

Harry is me. I am Harry. We are one. You can actually SEE his accent.

(GIF) Harry's that guy that would be in on the joke and can't stop laughing oh wait no that place is taken by Niall sorry