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The reason I have no friends

So true. Like at school I usually look awful cause of the dress code, and I'm just thinking, I can look like a New Yorker woman with a fabulous job in fashion pls it's not my fault I look this ugly.

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♚I am a fat girl sooooo


I hate all of the teachers and classes (I'm doing this for the people who are in public school, I hate school too.

Especially next to your hot friends:

17 Pictures Hot People Will Never Understand

Wish to tag any of your filter friends


Well considering if someone breaks a pinky promise you get to cut off their…

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Me af rn.

when I get a blocked nose... - http://www.loveoflifequotes.com/funny/when-i-get-a-blocked-nose/

when I get a blocked nose. - Love of Life Quotes

Lip Sync

Feel~~ the song. Be~~ the song.

Yo, for All-States, this girl couldn't send in her photo so my teacher just sent her best selfie in.

✕ Mɑɗ the rɑɗ ✕

18a6152ba5ec966aa70fd8afb64a83e2.jpg 750×600 pixels

18a6152ba5ec966aa70fd8afb64a83e2.jpg 750×600 pixels

╰ ♯° want ❜em wearing leather„ begging, ❛let me be your taste test❜ ° ╰

Literally my life *sings*

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When people compliment

[ You're Beautiful ]✧.                                              Love Anika @i1uvMYFAMILY

this describes Luke

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"u wore that before' yea because it's my shirt and i have a washing machine

Concert problems

Concert problems , I really want to see , but my mom Linda said that she'll look into it , but at the same time said no. I should tell her that her backstreet boys are my

It's quite a workout...especially the damn fitted sheet!

Why is this so true! But that means I have to put the bedsheets by myself.