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This is 100% NOT TRUE! They both are really sweet!!!!!!

dance moms confessions I would believe it. With what Abby has said about Chloe and what Leslie has said. Its not just one person making comments.

I love dance moms and love you on the show you guys seem so nice love you whoever is on the show !!! But I thought Mackenzie was smart right?? Haha!!!

Maddie and Mackenzie are my fav if there is any dance moms contest please vote me biggest Ziegler fan plus jojo of course well duh

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Idk if this is true cuz when abby and the moms asked the girls if they like it they said yes.

This isn't mine, so I wonder if this is true but if it is true I wonder if it was all the competitions they went to or just 1

I wonder if this is true but I know they're banned from dance XPlosion because the guy there told us the story

This is the year that broke us

Yes it is, and it makes me sad to know that my three favourite dancers Chloe, Brooke and Paige all left this year because of abby.

Ha I don't think Brooke will ever look like Cathy because Brooke is really pretty.

Showed this to kelly and Brooke and they thought it was so funny! Lol I love dance moms ahhhh

The Top 11 "Dance Moms" Quotes Of All Time

The Top 11 "Dance Moms" Quotes Of All Time

New party member! Tags: tv funny money mom dance moms relationship mother relationships shopping daughter abby lee miller brooke hyland buying kelly hyland abby miller i dont really get along with my mom unless shes buying me stuff

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Whats funny is these two always have something to argue about in almost every show! That's untill Kelly quit being on the show!