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animals good parents 4 Animals being good parents (25 Photos)

Animals being good parents (25 Photos)

A bond between a mother and her young ones is the strongest bond in the universe. That's just how it is, it doesn't matter what species we are talking abou

Mãe e pai salvando bebê de cair ... (que lindo)

Takes Teamwork to Get the Baby Back in the Nest (I adore this photo!I have never see this but have always wondered how they can rescue their babies when they fall out of the nest!

As common as Robins are, this is the first photo I've seen of mama feeding her chicks.

Mama Robin & her young ~ Photo by Art Lupinacci.and this reminds me of the pictures that I took a few days ago because there was a nest full of baby robins in a tree out in my front yard and I took several pictures of it.

Banded Broadbill

Banded Broadbill in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand. Photo by Carl-Johan ♥ Enchanted Nature

Love this Animal

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Mama Squirrel & Her Newborn Baby.omg so cute, makes me love squirrels that much more!

ツ ツ ツ

The Collared Inca (Coeligena torquata) ~ species of hummingbird found in humid Andean forests from western Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

You've heard of a butt for every seat, there's a bird for every tree

Jean-Claude Van Damme splits done first by Marsh wren by Roger Eriksson, via Audubon Magazine