The acquisition of horses by the plains Indians in the early century transformed the lives of most tribes between the Rockies and the Mississippi. Jay Tavare, actor, sits astride this beauty.

The Earth is the Mother of all People

A Nez Perce warrior Pacific Northwest, 1910 “The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it.

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Indian warrior on his war horse with a great set of sleigh bells

Everyday use essay heritage christian The Use Of Heritage In Everyday Use English Literature Essay. By Maggie putting the quilts to "everyday use", she is honoring her heritage in.

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American Indian on decorated horse, the Lakota often painted horses and TeePees

AMC has extended its original programming to Saturdays and will premiere Season 3 of "Hell On Wheels" on August according to The Wrap. “A new episode of ‘Hell on Wheels’ on Saturday night after a full day of western .