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I came to party tonight.

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I wish i could just runaway and be myself for once not under the infulence of socity.enjoying life cuz no matter how hard u try u cant escape it.no matter how many times u tell urself its ok to be different.



Mysteryland US 2014... Can't believe I'll be here in May

Mysteryland US Can't believe I'll be here in May Changed my life Reflections

Make some noise!! #tiesto #edm

not only a style of music but going to edm concerts has become a trend within the last year. These concerts are some of the biggest and most publicized events of today especially within high school and college aged individuals. Electric Dance music i

The people and band music makes the event very awesome. Everyone doing the same thing helps influence others to sing and dance together. The Band helps to create emotion to the audience. The whole experience is just awesome.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2013 This board is for all Lovers who dig cool stuff that other fans could appreciate.