Scottish Shortbread Recipe (traditional) ~ this one's for you @Brenda Jurgens ! I prefer the first recipe, as I have found that the recipe with the confectioners' sugar tends to make the shortbread tough. The rice flour in the first recipe is the key to a crumbly, melt in your mouth shortbread. Don't forget to prick the shortbread with a fork before baking. This is a decent shortbread recipe.

Scottish Shortbread Recipe (traditional)- I use my granny's traditional recipe but this site has some interestin info about shortbread and its history

Home Made Scottish Shortbread

Home Made Scottish Shortbread

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from pinner: My mom's AMAZING Scottish shortbread. I'm making it at this very moment.

A Vintage Chic: Put a Little Sparkle in Every Day.and True Blue Scottish Shortbread

Traditional Shortbread Bigelow Tea and College - Cooking With Curls

Traditional Shortbread