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LMFAO! I think we should search for the village that wants this particular idiot back...

Grammar guy's had enough

Funny pictures about Grammar guy's had enough. Oh, and cool pics about Grammar guy's had enough. Also, Grammar guy's had enough.

Probably laughed a little too hard at this one

As a man married for 18 years... This is truth...

Who are we? What we want? To get our girlfriends to stop giving orders. Andwhen we want? What time sweetie.

10 Funny Baby Pictures - Bizzare Stuff

Pics Photos - Funny Fun Humor Kids Babies Baby Children Bath Tub Having Bath Pics

Chuck Norris Can Make a Fire...

Chuck Norris doesn't make usable websites. Websites make themselves usable for Chuck Norris.

Ahahaha that's what's up.

New Condom Slogan: Wrap it in latex or she's gonna get your paychecks.