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Well that just stabbed me in my Hans feels<-Excuse me while I go pick up the shreds of feeliings I may have left.

Burst with excitement!

I'm not supposed to feel bad for him! Stop making me feel bad for him! It could've been his brothers as well especially the three that pretended he was invisible!

Young Hans with his older brothers. i almost feel sorry for him

I think hans was pressured into taking over arrendale . Being the younger brother he thinks he has to live ip to those standards

Wait what if they're related???? The story of a prince + thief


Eugene VS Hans (as if that's a fight! Actually that'd be a hilarious fight now that I think about it.

Good Lord, that nearly ripped my heart out of my chest. Oh, the feels...

I feel like Hans is actually good. He never said he was going kill Anna I think he thought that maybe he could love her but when Elsa froze Anna's heart he knew he couldn't save her so what if he just made that all up

I love crazy! Disney Big Hero six funny. Big Hero Six and Frozen crossover. Funny hans picture. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

10 Reasons 'Big Hero 6' Will Be Your New Favorite Disney Movie

10 Reasons 'Big Hero Is Going to Be Our New Fave Disney Movie also dose any notice that this is funny in two ways like He is in the wanted poster behind him

Little Hans and some of his brothers. I suppose these are the ones who ignored him, making him feel invisible.

Hans // awww that's so sad//D'awww.yeah, sure, go make me cry.

I can't think of a single Disney villain I hate more than Judge Frollo. That includes the Horned King, who's basically a demon.

Hans ain't nothin' compared to Judge Claud Frollo.still one of my all time favorite Disney movies.