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Lucy's star dresses: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aries

Lucy in her celestial forms Leo Aquarius Taurus Virgo Sagittarius and Aries.

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I feel like Aquarius has always seen Lucy as a daughter figure and that's why she treats her the way she does. She knows Lucy is going to die one day and wants to feel unattached. Oh the FEELSSSS (╥﹏╥)

Nalu <3 awwwwwwww X3 X3 X3 (and u realise gray standing there forever alone)

Yeah, sure. just sayin' that cuz GRAY'S their, right Natsu. *wank wank* Gray is like a brother to Lucy so he's like "Damn right you say that to my sis but you hurt her I will end you"

Mavis, Zeref, eyes; Fairy Tail

Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, a fairy and a demon This are Mavis and Zeref (Fairy Tail)