AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!  Hungry Girl by Heidi yang, via 500px❤

Hungry Girl by Heidi yang, via If it was up to me, no child in this whole world ever be hungry again.

Children and  wars can only hurt them,...and  to see so many becoming orphans and so afraid  of their lives, this is not fair to these young children..please  pray for them for they do not have another soul to help them.

Zbigniew Sieraj : W Rykach na ul.Warszawskiej ,wisi transparent ze B.

Quanto pesa una lacrima? Dipende: la lacrima di un bambino capriccioso pesa meno del vento, quella di un bambino affamato pesa più di tutta la terra. (Gianni Rodari)

This picture makes my heart ache, I would love to be able to help the needy in a different country some day!

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here's a cute kid in a bucket just in case you were having a bad day. I was in a Galvanized metal gallon bucket.

A syrian man is crying while trying to feed his son . Help syrian refugees

A very sad situation for the refugees!"please don't cry daddy" The pain in their eyes is indescribable. May Allah help them,Aamiin.

Unhappy children

A slice of bread is a miracle to a hungry child. (The most basic needs for sustenance - clean food, water, healthcare & shelter) are not being met for many in this world. Bless this child