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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vaticaanstad

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vaticaanstad

Nature-and-culture: Escaliers du Chateau de Chambord/France.

nature-and-culture: Escaliers du Chateau de Chambord/France. (Lunettes Roses)

Awesome stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland ♒ www.pinterest.com/WhoLoves/Beautiful-Buildings ♒  #Architecture

“Step in, break through, take the stairs to the stars” -Samael Photo: stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland; Warm Shadows by Pati Makowska on

not sure what i like so much about spiral staircases but this one is supa cool

Wooden spiral staircase in 1828 administrative building, Western State Hospital, Staunton, VA. I don't want to GO there, but the shot of the stairs is beautiful to me.

staircase leading to bedroom

Architectural Photography Can Be A Tricky Business. You May Need To Give An Accurate Representation Of The Structure But You Also Want A Beautiful Image. Here Are 10 Architecture Photography Tips To Help You Get The results You Are Looking For

Chambord Castle Stairway, France. This would make for a beautiful backdrop.... oh, can't  wait to start traveling.

Chambord Castle Stairway, France


Chateau Royale de Blois -- The Royal Château de Blois (French: "Château Royal de Blois") is located in the Loir-et-Cher département in the Loire Valley, in France, in the center of the city

CASTLE STUART_Mary Queen of Scots gave the castle land to her half-brother, James Stuart in 1561, and granted him the title "Earl of Moray".

Castle Stewart near Inverness, Scotland - Lots of spiral stairs, but it's worth it to stay in the room with the three turrets!

Dunure Castle and Labyrinth on Ayrshire coast, Scotland. According to Irish and English ancient legends the fairies danced on labyrinth spirals in the moonlight; in accordance to Norwegian popular beliefs stone rows made by ice-giants; by Swedish tales labyrinths mark the enters into underground palaces. Most of modern researches consider labyrinths as religious structures.

Dunure Castle and Labyrinth