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I started doing  this last year but someone put a stop to my pioneering efforts.. :/  How to Compost – Magnificent Garden Soil

How to Compost – Magnificent Garden Soil (Pretty Handy Girl)

All About Composting

All About Composting: Learn how to compost from Gardener's Supply

"All About Composting" article succinctly covers a surprising variety of compost recipes and compost bins, including DIY containers.

Ready to start composting? Or just ready to get better at composting? Check this handy guide first.

Composting is good for you and the earth. Learn why you should compost, how to compost, and what to compost with this useful infographic.

What can be composted? | Here is a list of some compostable items you may have around the house #DIYReady www.diyready.com

How To Make Compost

Composting is easy with our DIY compost bin. Revamp your compost pile and get ideas for a composting toilet & compost tumbler, personalize your composter!

What To Put In A Compost Bin.  The website also had info on how to deal with problems that might come up.

What To Put In A Compost Bin. The website also had info on how to deal with problems that might come up.

DIY compost bin

Double-Decker Drum Composter

How-To Compost Infographic from PBS


Earth Day hacks - Compost- Food scraps are the NUMBER ONE material sent to landfills. There they become greenhouse gases, which as we all know by now, are slowly leading us to mass extinction. So stop making excuses and start composting.

Tutorial for making a composter - so many of us have gardens, but even for the small yard~ this works!

Tutorial for compost container - in Spanish Great for the environment and your garden. Do NOT compost grass that's been treated with nasty weed killers however.

I want 3 of these in for my garden. One for adding, one "cooking" and one for using.

Composting Made Easy

Make and Use Compost Seasoned gardeners know the value of compost. It pushes apart sticky clay particles so soil breathes better and water drains faster. Adding compost also helps sandy soils stay moist longer and retain more nutrients for plants