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How to Build a Keyhole Garden. Just make the middle a bit bigger...imagine the books you could read in your little keyhole...

The keyhole garden combines a raised bed with a centralized space for compost and water. Learn how to build one of these simple kitchen gardens.

This stone work is casual but still attractive

Send a Cow - non profit w/tons of gardening techniques: Keyhole Garden, Fuel efficient mud stove, etc.

Keyhole gardens. Very interesting method of having compost in the middle and growing produce around. Very important in drought areas, but can be used in any climate for increase yields.

keyhole gardens hold moisture and nutrients due to an active compost pile in the center (lots of great photos!

straw bale keyhole garden                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Not too long ago I started reading a lot about composting keyhole garden beds. Apparently this technique has been used successfully in locations that are prone to both drought and torrential.

Best inspirational collection of keyhole gardens ever! Someday. I will have a successful garden...

Lesotho child with keyhole garden (drought-hardy gardening method for impoverished countries with poor soil.

Vegetable Gardening Ever heard of a keyhole garden?   Designed for arid environments with poor soil, it's a raised bed system with a built in compost basket. Self fertilizing, and super efficient at holding in moisture.   Don't miss the YouTube video link on the page that explains it in great detail. You can build one in a day!

for around the honeysuckle in beach garden? Learn how to make a keyhole garden, a specialized type of raised bed garden with a compost basket that makes it extremely water efficient and self fertilizing!

Dr Deb Tolman- start key hole garden bed- interview KLRU

Didn't realize I should put cardboard on sides as well as bottom of keyhole--Keyhole garden cardboard (c) Deb Tolman

Using an empty 2 Lt bottle, cut off the bottom. Fill with worm castings and worms leaving space for some raw organic vegetable waste. Plant the bottle in the middle of a large container, leaving a …

A new twist to a key hole/circle garden – mini worm farm

Good article about key hole gardens - "Keyhole Gardening, Unlocking the secrets of drought-hardy gardens"