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sayaka ganz

Sayaka Ganz Creates Majestic Animal Sculptures Using Reclaimed Plastic Objects

"dream house" paper installation by nicki crock, I totally understand how long this would take the artist! I did a small paper project and it took me forever!

The crow, sorry no artist to credit.

Introductions Lindsey Kustusch "The Raven's Post" Abend Gallery Fine Art and Custom Framing

Sayaka Kajita Ganz created these wild horse sculptures from trash-picked objects like plastic utensils, toys, and metals. She says, “By building these sculptures I try to understand the human relationships that surround me. It is a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together.”

10 Wickedly Cool Sculptures

Emergence is a two piece installation which consists of two horse sculptures emerging out from a wall. Called ‘Night’ and ‘Wind’, both structures are made from reclaimed objects, mostly black, white and clear plastic. by Sayaka Ganz

DIY String Chandelier

DIY String Chandelier - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

Le travail de Laura Ellen Bacon a été décrit comme monumental, contraignant et admirablement étrange. Ses sculptures contemporaines ont été initialement inspirées par des formes semblables aux nids d’oiseaux et elle a depuis développé son propre langage, toujours avec des matériaux natu

Sculptures par Laura Ellen Bacon

Fantasy Waterfall

Fantasy Waterfall

Gil: ARAME, arte, artesanato, o que é possível fazer .........

I've never really been a big fan of wire art but this one interests me. I think its the texture on the canvas and how the wire seams to transform from a line drawing on the canvas to a 3 dimensional design. Wire art by Tammy Smith

Коза с колокольчиком.

Hasan Novrozi, a talented sculptor trained in Iran, has created a wonderful collection of steampunk animals sculptures