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Crow painting

Lindsey Kustusch 12 - if someone can actually replicate this identically without missing a minute detail, then this would be an incredible piece of body art. Huginnin and Munin

Watanabe Seitei - Google Search

Bird - Two Crows and Half Moon - by Ito Sozan 1884 - ? Shown piece is actually a print rather than the original painting.

c0untessbathory:  The Three Legged Birds- Sanzuwu, Yatagarasu, and Samjok-oAquatint etching 5 inch x 7 inch 2011by Larry Vienneau Jr

In Chinese mythology and culture, the three-legged crow is called the Sanzuwu and is responsible for the sun’s passage across the sky. The earliest known depiction of a three-legged crow appears in Neolithic pottery of the Yangzhou culture.

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I love how mysterious this photograph is! I like that some aspects of the Image are more focused than others underwater image by jacob sutton

Raven painting on vintage textbook pages. ©Julie Miller/Haggis Vitae Studios

he was big and sleek and glossy black. how is a raven like a writing desk? In native american lore the raven symbolizes change or transformation*).

crow by rudi hurlzmeier

Krahe Rudi Hurzlmeier Black Raven Crow In Boots Walking Fantasy Art Print Poster in Art, Art Prints