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One street. Many, many different doors. (Zwaerdecroonstraat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

One street. Many, many different doors. (Zwaerdecroonstraat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)Мозайка от.

Rotterdam, Netherlands was named one of the places to travel to in 2016 by Lonely Planet. Find inspiration on how to spend a weekend in the city here!

17 cool things to do in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in a weekend

Wondering what to do in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in a weekend? Here's are 17 things I went to do and see during my Rotterdam Weekend.

From taking a boat tour to visiting museums and eating great food, there are lots of fun things to do in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Things to do in Rotterdam in 48 Hours

things to do in rotterdam in 48 hours continent: nederland (europa) thema: toerisme bedchrijving: op het artikel staan apparte kleine foto's over rotterdam

Rotterdam is niet te filmen De beelden wisselen te snel Rotterdam heeft geen verleden en geen enkele trapgevèl Rotterdam is niet romantisch heeft geen tijd voor flauwekul is niet vatbaar voor suggesties luistert niet naar slap gelul 't Is niet camera-gevoelig lijkt niet mooier dan het is Het ligt vierkant hoog en hoekig gekanteld in het tegenlicht Rotterdam is geen illusie door de camera gewekt Rotterdam is niet te filmen Rotterdam is vééls te ècht Jules Deelder

11 Most Strange Buildings Across The World

Netherlands Cubic Houses in Rotterdam. Architect Piet Blom turned a parallelepiped an angle of 45 degrees and put a hexagonal pylon at an angle along with it. The houses have three floors. The entrance is on the ground floor, a guest room with a kitchen is on the second floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom are on the third floor. A small garden is sometimes placed on the upper floor.

square living : architecture : Kubuswoningen / Cube House : Piet Blom : rotterdam netherlands