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Bubblicious Bubble Gum!! Paradise Punch was my FAVORITE!!

I love the cotton candy bubblegum bubbleicious. It tastes a little like cotton candy and then tastes like regular bubble gum!

26 Extinct Candies From The 80's - definitely don't recognize all of them but these little gems? Oh what I wouldn't give to have those back. They were SO beyond cute, so whimsical - and of course when you're a kid nothing tastes better than sugar-coma-inducing artificially sweetened candy :)

26 Extinct Candies From The 80's & 90's


I just wanted a popple! I asked for a popple for Christmas, but instead got Topple! A word board game. Never got a popple!

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks (Page 3)

Every Discontinued '90s Foods & Drink Item You Wish Still Existed

You know you're a 90's kid when...... I relate to half of the 90s kid stuff and half of the 2000s kids stuff

23 Things You Used To Wear As A Kid

Remember when you used stick-on earrings? One year for Christmas I received a white turtleneck and a variety of stick-on earrings to "decorate" the turtleneck.

I chewed a lot of gum in those days.

SSCase design Vintage Chiclets Fruit Gum Cowboy Pack Soft Plastic Protected Case for Samsung Galaxy Edge - Black -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill

10926220_915596685169064_8066491206222399127_n.jpg (261×960)

L'eggs Display & We kept and collected those shiny plastic egg shaped packages. I loved the L'eggs hose.

Professor at Budapest's Academy of Applied Arts and Design, Erno Rubik often built geometric models. One of them (a 27-piece cube) started being marketed in Hungary in 1977 and by 1980 was frustrating millions of Americans. Gotta love those designers!

The Rubik's Cube was released. Erno Rubik wanted to teach his kids about objects so he came up with the idea of the cube. There we over 43 quintillion ways to solve the cube, and since the over 100 million have been sold.

69 things you now realize if you are a 90s kid

Things that kids realize. Seriously so true, this is my childhood. OMG I remember every one of these

Rock-hard, lost its flavor in no time, but it had comix!

Bazooka bubble gum with Bazooka Joe comic. I've never been keen for bubblegum but I can remember my friends buying this.

I loved these. They would be in a jar at the checkout counter selling for a dime.

Omg i totally remember getting these after swimming lessons when i was like 3


All the junk food goodness! Except I didn't eat fruit gushers, charleston chews or teddy grahms

hahaha 90s kid lol

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

I got this set for Christmas one year. I didn't even care how quickly the markers dried up; it was an AWESOME art set.

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Image result for 90s Candy

Christmas for an 80's child

Vintage Life savers story book interior -- A stocking stuffer staple.looked forward each Christmas for the Life Savers that I knew Santa would put in my stocking.