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Roma, Part I

Roma, Part I (Paris in Four Months)

paris street scene - Desktop Wallpaper

Paris Street Photograph by Fred Derwal/Getty Images/Hemis.fr RM Sunset falls over Paris, where the Eiffel Tower looms large over much of the city, and cafes seem to mark every corner.

Paris photo by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

How could you ever tire of this beautiful city?

Freunde von Freunden — Julie Rouby — Creative Agent, Apartment & Neighborhood, Le Marais, Paris — http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/interviews/julie-rouby/

Julie Rouby

Creative agent and stylist Julie Rouby lives among natural light and the sound of the soft purring of her cat Raoul in Paris’ le Marais district.