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Beside being a total geek, my passions and the things I like are : Scuba Diving, Star Wars (The Dark Side), advertising and anything.

Shout out to our one & only designer & 2016 valentine Meng, on being featured by Bustle here: 10 Feminist Valentine's Day Cards To Celebrate Without Sexism

10 V-Day Cards For The Feminist In Your Life

And that means shops around the world have started to gear up for that most controversial of holidays: Valentine's Day.

What do you want your voice to say?

You have the right to remain silent and let money speak for you.

#resist #theresistance

I will not comply. I will not lie down. I will not go quietly. I will not submit. I will not roll over. I will not shut up.

Why elect someone to control your life? Anarchy!

It is good to not participate in elections or voting. It is better to not appear to condone the corruption of politics, and to stop perpetuating the illusion of liberty, and the government’s notion of freedom.

Immigrants and Refugees Are Welcome | MoveOn.org -- print out signs to post where you're able and willing to. Every little positive action helps, but I'd suggest maybe creating your own signs that are less "No NO NO" + black and white for a more positive, unique, eye-catching attempt at broadening people's perspective (just a suggestion)

Trump is threatening refugees, immigrants, and Muslims, and it's up to MoveOn members and our allies to speak in one fearless voice of opposition and defiance and with one message: Never.

amen to that 1%

Why is it easier to believe that 150 milions americans are being lazy rather than 400 americans are being greedy

All oppression is interconnected.

All Oppression is Connected Mural by Jim Chuchu Inspired by the poetry of StaceyAnn Chin


The real division is…

Amartya Sen writing about unemployment in Europe back in 1999

Even if we are not together I will think of you

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A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. She snapped a pic of it while in downtown LA.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. She snapped a pic of it while in downtown LA.